IPL Umpire’s salary – IPL Umpires List

Want to know about IPL Umpires salary and IPL 2020 Umpires list? You are at right place. The Indian Premier League is one of the biggest leagues all around the world. Cricket follows a massive fan following within India and all over the world. Good news for all the IPL fans that/IPL is about to hit in a few days. Many people are waiting for this amazing event excitedly. In this article, we will help you find all related information about IPL 2020 Umpires list, umpire fees in IPL 2020 and cricket umpire salary per match in rupees.

This year IPL will start on 29th March on Sunday and will end on the 24th Sunday of May. Like every year 8 teams will participate in this most awaited league that competes with each other throughout the league and around 14 matches will be played among them.

Every year in IPL auction, several international and domestic players are signed for massive amounts. The salaries and the auction prices are documented out in the public. Players are not the only one who has their pockets full. The league is a golden goose for the umpire’s as well. IPL is a very glamorous event and so umpires of this event also been a center of attraction. Umpires are pretty crucial for giving wrong decisions and also famous for favoritism.

IPL 2020 Umpires list

In cricket, an umpire plays an important role in the field because he has the authority to make judgments. Indian empires need some basic skills to select as an umpire that includes:

  • An umpire should know the laws of cricket.
  • He should be able to decide on the spot.
  • He also has a trenchant understanding of the game.

Cricket is a game that holds a lot of attention in India and this craze brings out a huge return to all individuals who are part of this game. Umpire’s job is one of the toughest jobs because they need to maintain their concentration and energy levels to make the right decisions. For taking the right decisions on time, their vision and hearing abilities must be very sensitive and accurate. Since 2008, IPL has achieved immense success and is becoming bigger and better day by day. BCCI organized a workshop for umpires to make them best among all. International umpires are called in to teach the basic art of umpiring to the Indian umpires. Umpires participating in Indian Premier League 2020 are:

  • Sundaram Ravi
  • Chettithody Shamshuddin
  • Asad Rauf
  • Russell Tiffin
  • Tony Hill
  • Mark Benson
  • Rudi Koertzen
  • Simon Fry
  • Shavir Tarapore
  • Brian Jerling

Cricket Umpire Salary per match in rupees

Indian umpires salary is fixed on a match-by-match basis, in addition to base salary. The fee that was awarded to the umpires of IPL has been revealed. Indian match officials Anil Chaudhary, CK Nandan and Chettithody Shamshuddin that are nominated as on-field umpires were paid a sum of around 40 lakh Indian rupees. Three panels of umpires have been decided by the International cricket council: namely the Elite Panel of Umpires, the larger International Panel of Umpires and the Development Panel of ICC Umpires. As of 2018, Elite Umpires of IPL receive a total of $60,000 per season while entry-level umpires earn $20,000.

Complete List of umpire fees in IPL 2020

  • C Shamshuddin: 41,00,242
  • Manu Nayar: 41,96,102
  • Nitin Menon: 52,45,128
  • Javagal Srinath: 52,45,128
  • S Ravi: 42,46,056
  • Anil Dandekar: 32,96,938
  • Yeshwant Barde: 32,96,938
  • Nandan: 37,04,659
  • V: 32,96,938

The Elite panel includes the official list of all cricket umpires, who can appear in international test matches. Umpires in this panel are awarded annual contracts with basic salaries and match fees. The average annual salary for newly recruit umpires in Elite panel is estimated at around 24, 99,867 Indian Rupees. Umpires usually complain about the low income but the best way to increase their income is by standing in International matches which can only be done by increasing their skills of umpiring. Only 2-3 umpires are shown in international matches. While talking about umpiring we can’t forget to take the name of S. Ravi. He made history as one of the on-field umpires and he was also seen standing on the historic Lords ground in the contest between Sri Lanka and England. Nitin Menon was the highest-paid umpire who pocketed a whopping amount of Rs.52, 45,128.